Wednesday 10 May 20:15h - Nieuwe Kerk The Hague 
Across the border with Gilles Apap

Opening by Dutch composer, conductor and peoet Micha Hamel

Johann Sebastian Bach- violin concerto in E major
Joseph Horovitz (UK, 1926) - Jazz Harpsichord Concerto (Dutch premier)
Johann Sebastian Bach - Double concerto for 2 violins and orchestra in D minor
Henry Purcell - Suite from The Fairy Queen
Gilles Apap - Encores potpourri with Irish polkas, jigs, reels, French waltzes, old time music, Rumanian music, blue grass and other pieces

19:15 > Introduction by Leo Samama: 'Upstairs Downstairs' is of all times
(in Dutch)

If you invite anyone for a festival with the title Across the border, then it should be the violin virtuoso Gilles Apap. Born in Algeria to a French family, he now lives in Los Angeles. Crossing (geographical) borders seems to be typical of his concerts. With little effort, he passes through centuries of music history and combines Bach, jazz, folk music, blue grass and gipsy music. 

Apap is well known for his art of improvisation and his extraordinary way of presenting. He communicates in an unconventional way and gives you as listener a fresh introduction to music which you thought you already knew. He joins forces with the Musica Nexus Collective. Artistic leader Eva Stegeman put this group together specifically for the festival. Harpsichordist Patrick Ayrton, a familiar face in the festival, performs the solo part in Joseph Horovitzís Jazz-Harpsichord Concerto. Talk about crossing borders!

Yehudi Menuhin said about Gilles Apap:
'For me, you are the example of a musician of the 21st century. You represent the direction in which music should evolve; on the one hand, the patrimonial respect of the previous classical worksÖon the other hand, the discovery of contemporary popular music and its creative element, not only in the improvisation, but also in the interpretation.'  

Gilles Apap > solo violin
Patrick Ayrton > solo harpsichord

Eva Stegeman > violin and leader Musica Nexus Collective
Eva de Vries > violin
Marjolein Spruit > violin
Raquel Campos Requena > violin
Jackie Xiao > principle 2nd violin
Ania Szafraniec > violin
Camilla Genee > violin
Joosep Ahun > principle viola
Kardelen Buruk > viola
Lois Loos > viola
Milan Vrsajkov > principle cello
Aleix Sala Ribeira > cello
James Oesi > double bass
Marco Santos > jazz drums (in Horovitz)

Normal €30,- | Ooievaarspas and youngsters up to and inclusive 27 years old €12,-